Calculating The Cost of Interior Home Painting in Toronto

The Easy Way to Find out about the Cost to Paint a House in Toronto

Painting the interior of your house from scratch can be a daunting task. It’s always hard trying to figure out where to start, who to trust and – most importantly – what the average cost of interior home painting is.

As with anything in life, research is a big part of getting the most out of your money, and while the Canadian marketplace offers quite a few options, it’s always hard to pinpoint what the exact cost of home painting will be, especially in the Toronto and Richmond Hill area.

In this article, we’re going to tackle the topic from the very beginning to the very end, focusing on what matters and what can help you achieve the results you’d be hoping for. The cost of home painting can vary in ways that are related to surface area, location, time, and other factors that might be taken into consideration.

With this overview, you’ll have the necessary resources to realize what it means to paint your house from top to bottom, both in terms of financial, cost to paint interior of house and time. We’ll cover topics related to the average price of the interior home painting, with a light focus on what’s called an interior painting cost calculator – a handy tool provided by Royal Home Painters that you can use anytime you need to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. By using that, you will know how much to paint a 1600 sq ft house in Toronto in just 3 minutes.

Without further ado, let’s jump into a quick introduction on what factors may affect the cost of painting your house, and why you should care in the first place.

Interior House Painting Cost Calculation Per Sqft

The Cost of Home Painting in Toronto – An Overview Of the Paint Cost

Toronto is a busy urban area with hundreds of businesses ready to tackle your needs, but what it is that sets some of them apart from the others in the marketplace, and how you can benefit from the expertise of those who’ve been working in the industry for long!

This question is crucial to estimate the average cost of interior home painting because quality work requires the expertise of skilled and professional painters who know how to handle projects efficiently, not only setting some expectations.

For example, imagine that you are going to paint your home and you want to know roughly how much does it cost to paint a 2500 sq ft house interior in Toronto or Richmond Hill. That sounds a little challenging. Yes?

Let’s take this as an example then and see what could influence the cost of painting your home in a few steps. Here’s a list of things that you have to consider before starting your journey:

  • Do you need to paint both the interior and exterior of your house or just one of the two?
  • Is it a complete renovation process that you’re going for, or it is a small fix on one area of the house?
  • What’s the desired effect? Do you want textured walls or plain colours?
  • Where are you located and how far is it from the company’s headquarters? Does the company that you are calling to get the estimate have had previous projects finished in your area, i.e. in Toronto or Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill or North York?
  • Is the house fully furnished, maybe you haven’t moved in yet, or it is a new complex?

These five points are only a few questions to wrap your head around before actually asking for a quote, but there’s much more to tackle, and we’ll do it in a structured way. So, continue reading the blog, I know it may look a little boring, but remember you are going to spend a minimum of $2000. Therefore it worth it to spend a little time too. I promise to try my best to explain the rest a little more interesting.



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Let’s go back to our example.

The cost of painting a 2500 sqft home in Toronto can vary, but we’ll assume for this example that the chosen company asks for a price of 4$ per square feet. The traditional rate for these services ranges from 3$ to 6$ per sq. ft depending on the house square footage, materials and type of work, so we can safely assume that painting the entire house with various paints, you should expect to pay around $10,000 – a nice round number that we can use to understand further how much the painters charge you for painting a house in Toronto.

Please note that this is only a symbolic number for high-end complexes. Covering 2500 sqft of the surface is a lot of work and requires a lot of attention, prep work so we’re looking at a top price from which we can then extract smaller costs.

Keeping this price in mind, we can start analyzing the key factors that might make painting your house more or less expensive. Keep reading for a comprehensive review of these factors.

The Key Factors that Affect The Cost of Interior House Painting:

Two significant areas affect the average cost of the interior home painting:

Materials used and cost of labor. Both are important factors to consider when first researching which contractor can help you with your indoor home painting.

Here are the key factors that influence house painting cost from a company’s perspective.

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Condominium Painting Contractor Thornhill Toronto

1. Materials, Tools, and Location

How Much Does Paint Cost?

Materials, tools, and location are the first things to take into consideration. Estimating the cost of home painting based on these things is a matter of realizing what options are available to you at all times, and which ones do you choose to use. You’ll be able to select the paint quality and the finish of your walls. Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher the cost per sqft, which is the way most companies calculate the average price of the interior home painting.

Also, you should consider the location of your home. If it is in the suburb area and you can’t find a qualified painting contractor close to that, the other companies will charge you more as their travel time. However, if you live in downtown Toronto, and you don’t have sufficient parking space, again most painters will ask you more to cover their parking charge.

 As we previously said, the cost usually oscillates between 3$ and 6$, but some companies work on a per room basis, which we’ll explore in just a moment.

Royal Home Painters Toronto Residential

2. Cost of Labor and Type of Service

Professional home painting companies in Toronto require the work of skilled painters that know how to handle a project efficiently without wasting either the company’s time or the client’s time. The cost of labor is highly dependent on the efficiency of the workers and their skills and expertise

Those who can achieve qualitative results faster than the competition are the ones who would undoubtedly ask for a premium.

However, about your project, you should always consider the type of project too. For example, painting a ceiling that’s 12 feet high is more difficult than painting a traditional wall or a lower ceiling, or spray painting the interior of your house needs a highly skilled painter and more time to cover the area adequately.

So, in that case, if necessary, more workers or specific painter with special skills would get involved to get the work done correctly, leading to higher costs as well.

In the next section, we will focus on what it means to estimate the cost of home painting on a per room basis. Keep scrolling for a comprehensive review of all the data acquired until now at the very end of the article.

The Average Cost of Interior Home Painting on a per Room Basis

The Cost Of Interior Home Painting CalculatorWe’ve discussed what it means to estimate the cost of home painting on a per sqft basis in Toronto; now we’ll consider an alternative methodology that fewer contractors use, but it would be good to know.

Calculating the cost of home painting on a per room basis can prove to be a bit more confusing than doing so on a per sq/ft basis. After all, no room is equal to any other area, and this means that prices can vary hugely from unit to unit.

If we had to consider the average cost based on existing properties that have requested painting services in the past, we’d be looking at ranges spanning from $380 to $790 per standard room which, as you can see, is quite the gap. But then again, this is a broad estimation that rarely matches real-life requirements, since a tiny storage room may easily be considered a “standard room” in these terms.

Now, let's Get your Paper and Pen and Calculate it!

How much does it cost to hire a painter to paint a room?

Estimating the Cost of Home Painting

Having discussed the most crucial aspects of home painting cost, let’s get back to the $10000 example which we discussed in the previous sections.

If we consider a small bedroom that’s 10 x 10 in size (with 8’ ceilings), we can approximately estimate the cost of painting its interior. And while these aren’t exact representations of real-life scenarios, they are accurate ranges to be considered as averages.

  • Wall surface (320 sq. ft) – $390
  • Flat Ceiling surface (100 sq. ft) – $160
  • Door and frame – $65
  • Baseboard – $40

As you can see, painting ceilings cost comparatively more than painting walls because of the added labor requirements and the professional tools used in the masking the room flooring and furniture.

If we were to use the same formula for a larger 15 x 20 living room with the same ceiling height, we’d be looking at a much higher price per room.

  • Wall surface (560 sq. ft) – $690
  • Ceiling surface (300 sq. ft) – $330
  • The cost to paint interior doors and trim – $65
  • Baseboard – $90

Adding the kitchen(s), bedrooms (three is standard), storage rooms, garage, attic, and other rooms, you can see how easy it can be to go all the way up to $10000, which was our original estimation for a larger than usual Canadian house. Take that down a little for traditional houses, and you’d be looking at the cost of home painting that goes around $6000-$7500.

While these numbers can still seem quite vague, you now have a good understanding of the state of home interior painting costs. You know how the process works, you know how key factors influence the cost of home painting, and you have an example to work with.

One Important Point That will Lower your Average Interior Painting Cost

In general, when you want to hire a painter, it will be more cost efficient for you to have more rooms painted. Considering the time a painter has to spend to prepare the house for painting when you ask for more rooms to be painted, usually, the painting contractors will give you 10 to 15% lower price in total.

The Cost of Interior Home Painting in Toronto – A Conclusion

The cost of home painting shouldn’t be a mystery to you anymore. Now you have the tools to understand how real professionals work and why you should choose companies that value your property more than anything else.

Quick, efficient services that can truly change the way your house looks in positive, outstanding ways. Royal Home Painters is part of that culture, one that revolves around making every single detail matter, listening to each request patiently and structuring the projects with proven, successful methodologies.

See for yourself by visiting the Royal Home Painters’ service page. Learn more about the company that’s helping hundreds of people getting their homes restyled with a fresh coat of paint in both Toronto and other areas of Canada.

So, now maybe you want to know the cost to paint 1500 sq ft house interior in Toronto or Markham. For your convenience, we have prepared a table of prices we charge for different room sizes that you can have a brief calculation and find out about your interior home painting cost in Toronto.

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