Why should you think about painting kitchen cupboards in Toronto? The chances are that you use your kitchen cabinets every single day, and you’ve never thought to pay them too much attention, but that changes now. After so long the moment has finally come to show them the appreciation they so rightly deserve and make them look just like new! Kitchen cabinet painting is one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this, and there are a few things you should know about it before embarking on a cabinet painting project!

Kitchen Cupboard Painting Preparation

1) Be Prepared Not to Use the Kitchen Temporarily

For the most part, you should be able to paint the kitchen cupboards without disrupting the normal flow of your life. In some cases, however, it may be that you’re not able to access this very well-trafficked part of your home. The reason for this could be anything from being sensitive to the smell of paint (Which can be solved by using special waterbased kitchen cabinet paints) to obstructions created by the painting contractor having to rearrange the room.

If you are on a special diet or have medication stored in the kitchen, find another place to store those items. It won’t be a permanent change, and thankfully the entire process does not take any longer than a week on average (In most cases, it only takes one or two days on-site). You’ll be able to put things back the way you like them before you know it!

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Walls And Ceiling Toronto

2) Have a Thorough Plan in Place for Your Kitchen Renovation

We can’t count the number of times we’ve been in the middle of painting someone’s house only for them to get in contact with us suddenly, telling us that we need to address this issue they found while we’re still working. The reason this happened is that they didn’t have a plan in place for their kitchen cabinets painting project.

Before starting in any room, you should take the time to walk around it, checking to see what you need to do in that room. Maybe the ceiling paint looks dingy, or the walls appear stained or damaged. Regardless of what it is, if you’re aware of the problems, then you can solve them.

View your kitchen as a whole instead of as individual parts. While your kitchen cupboards may be the primary goal, that doesn’t mean that you should be neglecting anything else as a result. It would be best if you also considered how your kitchen stands as one room in a house in many places. Whatever design choices you make should still keep it in line with the existing aesthetic.

Royal Home Painters Tip:

Tip #1: The kitchen’s theme can be challenging to come up with, so we have a suggestion we hope is helpful for you. Imagine one of your favourite places to eat. Once you have that mental image, think deeply about what you loved so much about the space. Consider the part lighting that may have played in the interior decoration.

Tip #2: To get some kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas, one of our favourite places is Pinterest. You can go to pinterest.ca and search for combinations like: “refinish kitchen cabinets ideas” or “painted cabinets before and after, “or “painting kitchen cupboards.” In case you are not familiar with Pinterest, you can also search on Google for phrases like: 

 “Pinterest kitchen cabinetsPinterest cabinets colourspainting kitchen cabinets, ideas pictures. “ (We have created those links for you so you can click on any of the above phrases to see the results. )

 For creative inspiration, you can turn to online resources like Pinterest. That site has a countless number of home improvement and design ideas, and there’s a chance you could fall in love with anyone of them.

Painting kitchen cabinet ideas before and after

3) Make Sure to Pick the Right Paint for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens and bathrooms need a type of paint that is specific and not like the paint you use in the other areas of your house. We recommend a paint finish like pearl or satin, as the slight sheen they offer to make them more durable. You want a paint finish that can stand up to a little soap and water and also be easier to clean it. Remember, Painting kitchen cupboards is different from painting all other area at your home. So, that’s why you should use different materials to paint the cabinets.

When it comes to painting kitchen cupboards one last recommendation we would like to offer is finding a reputable painting contractor to do the work. A professional painter in Toronto will have years of experience to do the job, but in addition to that should also be insured and have a warranty to boot. Hiring such a company will guarantee a job done well and within an agreed-upon time frame.

You should always get more than one painting quote, but please consider us as the first! Royal Home Painters wants to be your go-to home improvement contractor for all projects, and that includes painting your cupboards. We want to transform your kitchen and make it the best it can be!

Now let go ahead and talk about kitchen cabinets painting process in Toronto:

How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards - A DIY Guide

When it comes time to freshen up your kitchen, buying brand new appliances can be just the first step. After all, there are also the countertops, furniture, and of course, the kitchen cabinets. Painting your kitchen cupboards and cabinets can change the whole look of the room, though it can be tricky depend on what’s already been applied to the wood. We’re here to tell you how you can repaint kitchen cupboards, ending up with a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Transformation Budget Toronto

Step 1: Prep and Clean

The very first step should be to read this entire article before starting so that you know what you’re getting into. After that, remove all of the kitchen cabinet doors as well as any hardware attached.

Use whatever cleaning products you need to wash off any oil or grime that has built up on the kitchen cabinet surfaces.

Step 2: Make the Cabinet Surfaces Rough

While it may not make sense at first, the higher the grit the sandpaper, the more delicate it is. Find sandpaper that’s anywhere between 150 and 240 grit and completely sand all wood cupboards and cabinets surfaces. Make sure don’t sand sand too hard, as you don’t want to scratch the cabinets deeply; all you’re trying to do is creating a slightly rough surface for the primer to adhere well. Clean away any dust that has been created. Painting kitchen cupboards is a time-consuming and needs lots of attention and patience. Remember, it is better to do it once, but do it right!

Step 3: Prime the Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Take an oil-based primer and use it on the kitchen cabinets you’ve recently sanded and cleaned off. While you can opt for specific latex primer, our preferred product is the oil-based primer. While these can have a heavy odour, some options significantly reduce this. For most of our clients, we use a special water-based primer called STIX, from Benjamin Moore. You can use this primer either on wooden cabinets, laminate cabinets or thermofoil ones.

Be very careful when applying the primer, as too thick an application will result in lap marks and dripping. Conversely, too thin a coat will end up in streaks which are just as undesirable. For painting cabinet, you can use a brush or a sponge roller. Do your best to create as smooth and even a finish as you’re able.

Step 4: Painting Kitchen Cupboards

The most common finishes for the paint used are latex satin, pearl, soft gloss, or a low lustre.

Wait for the primer to dry before you start painting. For most jobs, you want to apply two coats, but depending on what colour you’re using you may be able to get away with just one. Much like with the primer we recommend using a brush and sponge roller to create a smooth finish. If applying more than one coat leave at least 24 hours between each one, possibly longer if it’s particularly humid. We recommend you again to use Benjamin Moore, I can say it is the best kitchen cabinet paint available in the market now. However, in our shop, we use Renner Paints for spraying the cabinets doors and drawers.

Step 5: Put Your Kitchen Back Together

After allowing a full two days for everything to dry, replace the kitchen cabinet doors and associated hardware. Depending on the time of year you shouldn’t have to worry too much about the humidity. Still, it’s always better to wait longer than risk damaging or chipping your finished work.

Toronto Spray Painting Cabinet Painting Contractor Cost

Another Option: Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinet

Do you want to know how to get a smooth finish when painting kitchen cabinets? Instead of painting your kitchen cabinets by hand, there’s always the option of having them spray-painted instead. It will eliminate the possibility of any streaks as the finish is guaranteed to be even over the entire surface. Make sure you have an outdoor place ready to paint them with the sprayer.

If you have any more questions about how to repaint your kitchen cabinets, we would be happy to answer them! Get in touch with Silver Home Painters, and we can provide you with a free quote on breathing new life into your kitchen. Whether it’s painting the kitchen cabinets by hand or spray painting them at our off-site facility, we can handle it no problem!

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